The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.

About the BDA

The British Drilling Association (BDA), a trade association formed in 1976, has character; personality; resourcefulness and ambition, a reflection of what its 133 member companies have in the drilling world.


Throughout its History it has demonstrated this and its achievements speak for themselves. It also has at times a sense of humour to lighten the times on site when the rain is horizontal; the drill string is stuck and the contract is running late, which is every Friday in the month!

BDA members have one thing in common - they are all working or involved with ground drilling, be it Mineral Exploration & Exploitation; Ground Investigation; Geotechnical Processes; Geothermal; Water-well activities; or many more applications. Anything in the non-petroleum sector is included.

Manufacturers; Suppliers; Contractors; Laboratories; Consultants and Drilling operatives comprise our Members, who link together within the BDA to raise standards; improve health & safety; promote the industry skills and train & educate all those involved in drilling. We occasionally also find time to have some lighter moments.

Membership gives many benefits and is a relatively low cost. The BDA is not an exclusive club, but does expect its members to uphold the highest standards and contribute to a safer; more informed, better-equipped and trained industry. Employing a full-time Secretariat and managed by professionals within the industry it encourages companies and individuals to consider joining.

The BDA is a member of two umbrella organisations, to which it actively contributes and enables it to keep it in contact with wider issues and derive further benefit for its members. These are the Build UK (formerly the National Specialist Contractors Council) and The Ground Forum.

The BDA Ltd is a company limited by guarantee whereby its funds are for the sole use and benefit of its members.

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