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The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.

BDA Articles

DRILLER or DRIVER? A fine line crossed too often - 5th November 2018

Given the content of this article, we should probably first say that the information, interpretation and views given expressed are those of the author and shall not be relied upon with the reade...
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The Use of Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs - 20th September 2018

The unseen issues of drug abuse are well-known, and the implications well understood, however there is potentially a bigger problem, which is the largely ignored use of legal drugs through prescr...
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Occupational Health and Construction - 16th August 2018

Margaret Grahamslaw, Head of Occupational Health at B&CE, explains why health should be taken as seriously as safety British industry has made great strides in addressing safety since the Hea...
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The BDA Apprenticeship Scheme - Doing Our Bit to Address Skills Shortages - 9th August 2018

It is pretty much accepted now that there is a growing and chronic shortage of skilled people in the construction sector and especially in the many specialist contractor sectors such as drilling....
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European Emission Standards for Engines - 14th June 2018

European emission standards for engines used in new non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) have been changing since 2002. The equipment covered by the emissions standard includes industrial drilling ri...
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A Healthy & Safety Future for the Drilling Industry - 17th May 2018

One of the core missions of the British Drilling Association (BDA) Health and Safety Committee (HSC) is to raise standards of health and safety within the drilling industry.  To do this the ...
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People Competencies on Site in the Geotechnical Industry - 3rd May 2018

It is important that personnel operating on site in the geotechnical industry have a level of competency and experience which is relevant for the operations being undertaken. This competency shoul...
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Ground Investigation Procurement - Broken Process That Increases Risk - 12th April 2018

It is widely acknowledged that the present ground investigation procurement process, adopted by a number of organisations, all too often sees quality compromised by the pursuit of the lowest pric...
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Women in Drilling - 8th March 2018

According to many estimates, women make up only 11% of the construction workforce, with some construction sectors having an almost unmeasurable presence. Without doubt getting more women into c...
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Practice makes perfect - 7th March 2018

 Infrastructure projects, such as roads, ports, highways, airports, together with power generation have a direct link to the economic growth of UK Plc, and given the recent period of reces...
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Procuring Ground Investigation - The Challenges - 5th February 2018

Procuring ground investigation services is a tricky task. Neither Amazon or eBay market it and nowhere can you find a star rating for the hundreds of firms involved! There was plenty of evidence at...
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Change Control - 5th February 2018

It has long been the practice of companies working in the Civil Construction industry to be innovative, to encourage the workforce to participate in initiative schemes, from offering rewards for en...
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Quality Matters - 5th February 2018

The construction sector may not command the status many would argue it deserves, but few would disagree that it underpins the UK economy and can be considered a barometer for the health of UK Plc. ...
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