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Tricore Ltd

Membership Type: Corp - Supplier

Contact Details

Woodburn Road
Blackburn Industrial Estate

AB21 0RX

Tel: 01224 790338

Fax: 01224 790660


BDA Audit: N/A

This member is not engaged in activities which require staff to be audited by the BDA (or an equivalent independent body) to comply with BS 22475-2.


Tricore was established in 1987 to provide a service to soil investigation, mining and waterwell companies, by providing a refurbishment service for used rock bits, and in the sale of new and reconditioned rock bits suitable within the waterwell, mining and soil investigation business.
In august 1992, the company expanded its operations to a new customized office, workshop and warehouse complex allowing us the flexibility to offer a more efficient and competitive service to our clients, both in the Oilfield sector and waterwell industry.


Drilling Equipment Supplier

Working Regions:


Northern Ireland



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