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Tachographs should be fitted when the combined weight of towing vehicle, trailer and its load is 3.5 tonnes or over and also if the maximum authorised mass of the vehicle and trailer combined totals 3.5 tonnes or over. They are not generally needed if movement is less than 100 km from the designated main base (usually the depot, office or home address). There are some exemptions to the tachograph regulations. It is important that the regulations are checked in detail by organisations and drivers affected by them. Drivers must know the weight and capacity of their vehicle, rig and load.

There are many exemptions but those listed below are the ones which could typically apply to a 4x4 towing a Cable Percussion rig. 

(NOTE: ALL four exemption conditions must be met at the same time, otherwise a tachograph will need to be used):
1.The combined weight of the 4x4 and rig is less than 7.5 tonne
2.The driver’s main job role is driller and he is driving the vehicle combination to a place to do drilling. (If he were driving the combination to a drilling site for a different driller to use this would not meet the exemption).
3.The driver must use all of the materials/equipment included in the combination for his use alone (tools of the trade) i.e. drilling. (In this instance the driver cannot carry a single item for someone else on his vehicle i.e. carrying work items to site for someone else’s use e.g. the engineer or another driller as this would not meet the exemption).
4.The distance travelled to the drilling site is not more than 100kms radius from the driver’s registered main place of work i.e. depot/office/home address (if self-employed).

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