The British Drilling Association (BDA) is the UK's trade association for the ground drilling industry.

Event Discounts for BDA Members

14th November 2018

The British Drilling Association (BDA) works hard to add value to its membership and as part of this effort it regularly negotiates discounts and VIP benefits, where possible, with the many industry events that run throughout the year.

Before booking your attendance to an event, make sure it isn't one with a BDA Membership negotiated discount available, as you could be missing out. The events supported by the BDA presently includes:

  • NCE Flood Management Forum, 21-22 Dec 2018, London         10% Discount

  • NCE Tunnelling Festival, 6 December 2018, London                                      10% Discount

  • Brownfield Land Scotland 2019, 6 February 2019, Scotland                         10% Discount

  • Groundwater 2019 Event, 27 March 2019, London                                       10% Discount

  • EGGS Conference, April 2019     
  • Brownfield & Contaminated Land 2019, 1 May 2019, Belfast                      10% Discount

  • Ground Gas, 9 May 2019                                                                                     10% Discount

  • GE Awards, 5 June 2019, London                                                                       £150 off table of 10

  • Contamination Expo 2019, Sept 2019, Birmingham                                       10% Discount

  • SiLC Annual Forum, 2019

In most instances, simply make the event aware of your BDA Membership at the time of booking to receive your discount or contact Debbie Darling - - for more information.



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